Imagine you did it -your ideal room...but wait stop you have no idea how to get there.  

Want to redesign or update a room?

All the possibilities are exciting! Pinterest boards, catalogs, notebooks, dog-eared magazine pages, watching HGTV till the cows come home, studying other people’s spaces.

You’ve got a ton of ideas. 

You know what you like, but what you don’t know is how to pull it all together

–and in a way that reflects your style (not the pottery barn catalog).

In this package, I will walk you through decorating your room in way that reflects you and makes you feel completely happy and at home.

Together we will create step by step way of turning your design vision into a reality.

(and if you think you don’t have style, it doesn’t matter just keep buying what you love and we’ll find a way to pull it all together)

This is an affordable way to get my design eye and feedback on your project.

Here’s how the 1 Month Design Package works:

  1. We’ll meet for a 1hr phone or in person consult and set a project budget.  I'll ask you questions to find your intention for your room, (what will fly and what won’t)
  2. You send me the dimensions of your room as many photos of your room as you want, catalog pages, your Pinterest boards (as much info as you can give me will let me better help you)
  3. Continued access to me for 30 days so you can keep emailing me your ideas and pics to make sure everything pulls together beautifully.

What you get:

  1. Design Plan Notes
  2. Virtual Design Board
  3. Personalized Pinterest Board
  4. Customized Floor plan
  5. A list of shopping resources

And as I like to tell my clients, I'm not here to build my ego.  You cannot hurt my design feelings... the more you say you don’t like something that actually helps me.

My role is to help you find your design heart so that you can do it again and again on your own.Love becomes the design thread that pulls it together


Design Menu

On site color consultation (1hr)                        
On site general overview consult w/ homework & design notes (1.5hrs)   
Virtual Design Board (per room)                       
Design Floor Plan (per room)                            

Other services:
Concept Drawings
Floral Design
Shopping Buddy/ Advice
Clutter Clearing