My Journey Back to Process Art

Did you know before I started working in the illustration style you've come to know me for I worked as a process artist?

What's process art?

Process art making is about having no attachment to the outcome. It's all about the journey, making mistakes, discoveries, staying curious and so much more.

Process oriented art really keeps me goingand excited about what's possible.

Since February, I have been participating in M.O.S.S. at Briah Luckey's studio space. We meet once a week to make art together.

guess what kind of art?

You guessed it. Process Art.

it's totally captured my HEART.

has become the thing I look forward to EVERY week.

I've mostly been working with my gellie plate making mono prints, writing poems and having the most fun I have had in a long (LONG!) time.

I'm also getting back into facilitating art workshops through Briah'sgentle nudge and the interest of the M.O.S.S. participants. I've decided to revive my SoulCollage® practice and my process oriented art workshops!

The best thing about working in this style is you don't have to see yourself as an artist.
It completely bypasses all labelsand just allows folks to get down to the fun of experimenting with materials, mediums and generative curiosity.

Here's some of my recent stuff:

IMG_1635 2.jpg
IMG_1639 2.jpg