Daily Drawing: #52 Television


This was where the little black & white television lived in my childhood kitchen.  I remember watching 60 minutes on Sunday night while we ate dinner (the only time we would watch TV while eating).  I also remember Little House on the Prairie in the late afternoon.  When I was really little and still home for lunch-- Price is Right, Love Boat and Soap Operas.  

Making the drawing brought tears to my eyes.  Sometimes you just don't realize how much you loved a place till you make a drawing of it. 

The little food bowl was for our dogs, Maggie & Alice, two sweet beagles.  To the right of the television was our kitchen table (now in my kitchen).  You had to step up to get to the dining area.  My mom always joked that my dad built that step so she could kiss him goodbye (seeing as there was a 12" height difference between them).  My mom would make my dad's lunch everyday before work.  It included a thermos full of Campbell's soup and two ham cheese sandwiches.  There was always a few tablespoons of soup left that didn't fit in the thermos.  Before I got to grade school, she and I would sit on the step and she would feed me what was left of the soup.

Then there was the wallpaper.  I am pretty sure wallpaper is what is missing from childhood today.  

This wallpaper was a small repeat pattern in a warm brown with a touch earthy red.  The cabinets were cherry and the floor was a vinyl brick pattern. I am remembering the cabinet as a double doors-- but it may have been a single door unit.  I remember our spices were kept in this cabinet.  It was a really great kitchen.