Daily Drawing: #3 Purse


My Christmas present to myself this year an olive green purse with tassel.  

What could be finer?

I love the off color and how it looks with most everything I am wearing right now.  So sturdy and well made and on clearance to boot!  

I hung it on my much loved pull out cabinet from Ikea.  I love the vignette in my kitchen right next to it.  It consists of:

  • Erik's Polska T-shirt his good friend, Jerry, gave him as a souvenir from his trip to Poland that I put into a frame
  • the chicken wire bin holding 21 dish towels from Ikea we use as napkins for dinner- one for each of us each night
  • a sign my mother-in-law gave us: If you love the life you live, you will live a life of love
  • the cover to a tin of Turkish Delight (one of Erik's favorites)
  • a key my mother purchased as a decoration for one of her first apartments in Manitou Springs, CO
  • a teeny tiny pickle pitcher I used to play with when I was little that belonged to great grandmother from South Dakota