Daily Drawing: #26 Glass


This is the last surviving glass from a foursome.  Sometimes I use it as a vase.  I purchased these fine hobnail glasses from William-Sonoma back in 1998 while we were living in Wichita, Kansas.   The glasse were in the clearance section in the back left of the store.  We were either going to a movie or coming from a movie (pretty much all we did while living there) and I snuck in to check out their wares.  When I saw these I fell in love.  They were marked $1.98 each.  They are/were the perfect size and weight.  It's been a sad moment each time one broke.  I'm hoping this last one lasts my life.  Every time I pass by a William-Sonoma, I always check for replacements.  I'm sure they will turn up one day.  Nuts, right? 

PS the adorable mama koala and baby was a gift from my daughter for Mother's Day because koalas are my favorite animals.