Daily Drawing #1 Shoe


These are my beloved boots.  

I received them as a gift from my Mother several Christmases ago. I'm guessing 2010?  I have had them resoled once.  I love them.  I tried to replace them this year with no luck.  They are starting to seem a bit shabby and I am not sure if resoling them will bring them back to life.  

Maybe 2017 is the year of the new boot.  

I have a thing for sturdy shoes.  I've read it's a Capricorn thing: we're supposedly goats that like to climb. I suppose we need a respectable shoe to help us out.  Whether it was written in the stars or not, I expect a lot from my shoes.  My shoes need to go with most things and be comfortable and stylish (to me).  

Also, in my drawing there's another pair in the background.  I saw the movie Paddington Bear and I was so inspired by the set design & costumes I made a Pinterest board about it.  The mother in the story had the best shoes and they looked like these.  I found them on Amazon.  I only have one or two outfits they work with.  It's taken time to figure out those two outfits. Many trials and errors.  

But don't worry.  I am confident they will work their way into rotation.  Trust. 

In the meantime, I will keep wearing my old trusty boots with an open mind that new pair will find me at the right time.