The cut throat reality of countertop real estate


I live in a small house.

People have commented how spacious it feels, even though it's only 1500 square feet. One of my secrets is keep the horizontal surfaces clean, clutter free and always be editing.

I need to be able to "see air" around my things.

I find it's the hardest to do in the kitchen. I have eliminated upper cabinets and recently gained a new counter space. Both are a total plus. But my kitchen just gets hit hard with the active clutter of life. We spend the most time in this room. It's our place for family meals (long live the eat in kitchen!). It's where our homeschool happens. It's where I keep track of our finances, read our mail, fold our laundry and the list goes on.

This quest to always see air around things keeps me challenged especially in the kitchen.

I am forever editing things down and thinking: What do we really need?

Our toaster oven has been acting up. I have found these toaster oven appliances to be only good for so long.

I'm over this disposable sh*t.

I have replaced our toaster oven four times in the 18 years I've been keeping a house. I've bought cheap ones, expensive ones.

It doesn't matter.

They are built to fail (Or maybe it's the operator- could be). All this toaster oven drama paired with my pressing need to see air got me thinking.

What don't I just make toast under the broiler in my oven? I tried it. It works okay.

Then I got thinking about how people make toast when they camp. Why wouldn't this work on my gas stove?

So this is my new toaster. I'll keep you posted...