I am a questioner after all.

Original  SoulCollage ® Card on  Instagram : I am the one who is waiting for life to come from this robot. 

Original SoulCollage® Card on Instagram: I am the one who is waiting for life to come from this robot. 

It's trying to be Spring in New England, many of my family members have been sick with stubborn colds, close friends are going through big changes, my daughter just turned 9 and it's all got me questioning what my role is.  Did I mention it's been snowing?

It's challenging when your trusted support system isn't there like it used to be.  I try to remember all things are temporary.  One of my friends said it's the constellation changing- yet again.

I've been flirting with that feeling of futility.  Do you know that feeling? 

It's never a good sign when I start thinking what's the point of any of this? But I guess in a way it sort of is a good sign. (I'm inconsolable!). I am a questioner after all. That's for sure. I am often testing what I believe in. I think it's what keeps things real for me.

I've felt so lost lately, not sure what to do with myself. I usually turn to my home for inspiration, but all that is happening in THE World and MY World has been weighing heavy on me.

Not much has felt like a comfort.

I read an article about laying off the old social media for a month. It seemed to me the author had some really good results:

  • Her house was cleaner
  • She began inhabiting and enjoying her physical space (instead of an online one)
  • The amount of time she spent being hospitable to others went way up

Her results sounded prescriptive for the way I have been feeling. I'd like to do the same for myself in some way, shape or form 

I'd like to make an austere declaration that I'm doing a social media purge for 30 days, but what I feel like I really need to do is accept that Social Media is an integral part of my life.  Having an online presence allows me to connect with people all over for my business and in the homeschool community.  I can't lose touch with that, both are a lifeline for me.

So what can I do?   How can I keep my online life and 3D life more balanced? 

  • Keep my phone, iPad and computer turned off from 8pm-8am
  • I can use social media once I am dressed and have eaten
  • Keep a notepad of the things I want to look up
  • Designate certain days as computer work days
  • And you guessed it, set a timer for when I am using any social media