Accountabilty: picking up & decluttering all horizontal flat surfaces

Come Friday most the of horizontal flat surfaces in our home look like this:  


Or this: 


Or this: 


Since this is the scene most Fridays it's needless to say, I have lost interest in picking up and caring for these surfaces.  I've been doing it a while.  Most of the stuff is mine.   


I can't be productive in an environment like this.  Believe me, I have tried.  So I have to make games out of picking up and cleaning my house.  Today I came up with all flat horizontal surfaces will be picked up & decluttered.  

I made a list:


Dusting and vacuuming may happen since it falls under the Catergory of Horizontal Flat Surfaces.  I put an asterisk next to them bc asterisks look magical and I'm pretty sure after an hour of chasing my tail putting all this STUFF away it will take magic to make me wanna.   


Ideas for organization here