Lockers: a must for eclectic decorating

I love eclectic decorating.  I always have.  And I have a house to prove it!  The thing I find so endearing about ecclectic decorating is how it tells a story.  Quirky pieces used in unique ways double the fun and the good conversation.  I have a locker in my kitchen right next to my fridge and pretty much everyone who sees it makes a comment about it. Everytime I open it to grab my Kitchen Aid or cookie sheet I am reminded of my locker in school.  The first thing I ever really had a lock on! There's something about the clang of the metal door that just sends me back.  Not to mention it's an excellent place to display my sticker & magnet collection.

Check out my Pinterest Board on Lockers and get one in your house soon!


Check out this little darling I stumbled upon at Homegoods: