Decorating Therapy: the long & winding road

When I look back at all of the changes i have made in my home, I see it as an expression of my lifestyle and how my life has changed over the years.

Visions of my childhood bedroom and the 5 different decorating styles it under went, my college dorm room, our first apartment, our two-family house turned one family house (while I was pregnant) and all of its changes in between come to mind.  Each space has perfectly reflected who I was and where I was going at the time.  When I look back at all the changes I have made, they tell me I have been living my life and I am always trying my best to move forward.  I am firm believer that art imitates life and my home space is a metaphor for what's going on with me.  

Right now, we are getting ready to make some MAJOR changes in the way that we use our home's space.  

It's really no surprise either!  

We are heading into our second semester with homeschooling, Emma's needs are changing, Erik is exploring a new career paths and I am getting more and more focused with my work.  We need to get Emma settled so we can all feel settled.

So the plan is:

Erik and I are going to swap bedrooms with Emma.  Right now, she has the larger bedroom and it is in the front of the house, closest to the street.  As she's gotten older, it's become apparent the space is too big for her- she likes to be nestled in.  And having the bulk of her toys around her and being close to the street as she tries to rest is too distracting.  We'll be moving a good portion of her toys downstairs and creating a playroom off of the kitchen.  Since Emma prefers to be downstairs while she plays and creates I am hoping this give her the support that she needs.

This is what the rooms look like right now:

Our Room: soon to be Emma's (lucky duck)

Emma's Room: soon to be our room (I'm scared)

Dining Room & Sitting Area: soon to be play area or in Emma's words her "Laboratory"

Stay tuned for the after pictures.

Is there a space in your house that rarely gets used or isn't living up to it's potential? Tell me about it in the comments.