Closets: open or closed?

Since we switched bedrooms with our daughter two days ago, our current closet system spans three rooms and feels a wee bit like this:

Half of our stuff is mixed in with our daughter's things in our old closet and a good portion of the rest is crammed into our new much smaller closet or sorted into piles on the floor.

As you might have guessed, I'm not a huge fan of the over-planned, over-priced, walk-in closets that the media world tries to convince us we need, but my current "system" has me all over the place while I am trying to get dressed.   I am already annoyed and it's only two days in...

Luckily, I have been doing some visual research on closets and have pinned some interesting images. Check out my Pinterest board on closets to see what I have gathered.  I love the idea of having an open closet.  I romantacize that this will keep me honest & tidy.  I have also been impressed by the The 333 Project.  It has inspired me to make a capsule wardrobe and cut away the excess.  Life is just so much simpler this way.   I am curious to see what I come up with as "I live out the answers" (as they say).

What's your closet system like? Are you happy with it? What would you change?

The image of the "floor closet system" is from The Selby.  If you have never visited his site, prepare to lose a couple of hours-- I love to spend time there viewing the world through his camera lens.