A designer's riddle

How do you make a functioning kitchen when you've got 6 openings into the space and 5 of the openings are doors? This is the riddle that I have been trying to solve for the past 14 years. I have come up with some pretty good solutions. The problem is are family's needs keep changing. I've come to realize the space really is a weak spot in our house.

I need to get to the root of the problem. Where do you put cabinets when you have no wall?

You make sacrifices. There is no perfect room, there is no perfect life. 

A door has to go, maybe two. GULP.

But, but, but... trust me.

Let's think outside of this 14x14 box (pretty impressive for a house built in 1860)

This is what the kitchen looks like now:







This is my solution: I plan to move the fridge in front of the pantry door (red area with the toile curtain on the door) & have a countertop that can be put up or down in front of the doorway leading into the front room.  Now I'll only have 3 doors into the kitchen! I can't wait!