I hate the word decorating

I hate the word decorating. It's so June Cleaver. And while there are some attributes I love about her, she's filled with a quiet rage. I don't relate.

Decorating reminds me of the word hobby. Another word I hate.

Decorating feels so limiting. Who does it anyway? Not me. It conjures up images of tiny movements that make no impact, organization porn on Pinterest and falling victim to someone else's idea of what you should be.


and most of all it's repellant to people who want to make a kick-ass space.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest. But like any tool it can used for evil or just plain mediocrity (evil). Making a great space doesn't come from buying the whole room collection from pottery barn or correctly executing that Pin from Pinterest. If you ask me, those over-curated rooms and Pins are just versions of the 1990's bed-in-a-bag. Once attained, it feels like stiff shirt -looks crisp but feels like you can't relax. GET ME OUT!

Creating a space you love takes time-- but before I lose you, not THAT much time.

Comment with a picture of room that keeps stumping you and I'll give you some quick ideas.

Thanks for the image, pixie.com! http://pyxie.com/trends/hair/mom-hair-through-the-years/