A woman's work is never done

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It's so amazing to connect with like-minded people.  It blows my mind. This path that I am on has given me so many opportunities to do just that.  Today I talked to a woman on the other side of our world.  She had just finished her dinner and I my breakfast.  We got into a whole conversation about how this movement of learning to "play" has given work a bad name.  She said you can't uplift something by putting something else down.  So true... work had been put down by play.  That's no fair and I'm here to set the record straight.


Well meaning self help books and gurus would tell me:

You need to learn how to play
me: Huh? That sounds stupid
What did I do when I was a little girl?
me: I took things seriously. Setting up the perfect doll house- I was a pro. (short answer: work)
Where's your happy place?
me: Wandering around my house and rearranging furniture, finding new uses for old, loved pieces, repainting a room. (short answer: working)


When I answered those questions in the past, I would somehow feel like a failure.  Like somehow I had an ability-to-play handicap.  And when I would visit with friends, I was most happy when we could work on their space or make art together.  I somehow came to understand play as this thing where I had to be buying coloring books, and going to the dollar store and buying silly things from the toy isle to appeal to my inner child.  I'm not knocking that, it just made me feel uncomfortable.  Since the experts were telling me to do this and I felt truly incapable of relaxing into it, I thought the problem lay in me.

But after this morning's conversation, I've starting to look at my "handicap" in a new light and with much gratitude.

As I revisit the self help advice given to me with my new found wisdom, I am feeling much better about myself.

When I was a kid I played like it was my job.

I never really saw a distinction between the play and work, because for me they are the same.

I don't want to do something if it's not fun, and if I have to do it I need to find a way to make it fun.  Furthermore, when something becomes not fun, that's a place for me to pause and reevaluate.

Another thing that came to mind during this fantastic conversation was I believe society's definition of work is very product driven, goal oriented, a means to an end.

But for me, work is all about process.  

That in and of itself is a very feminine concept.  We, as women, naturally are about process.  We have bodies that go through regular cycles (processes).  It's been said "a woman's work is never done".  I always took that to be a negative thing.  --Something to keep women down.

But I have come to discover, when you approach work like a woman, it truly is never done because it is all about the process.  Enjoying the process is where play meets work, time stands still and I feel fulfilled.