Could I live here?


Could I live here?

That's the question. The question that runs through my mind every time I enter a new living space and especially when I am away on vacation. Like I am now. I often try to imagine what it must be like to live where I am visiting.

A barrage of questions runs through my mind:

What are the seasons like? How do people make a living here? Is it hard to make friends? Would I be happy here? Would I feel useful? Would I feel connected?

Always asking questions... Will my mind ever be at peace? Ha! there's another one!

I guess wondering how I could I fit myself into where I am is my way of relaxing. Strange as it may seem, this is how I get to know the world around me and begin to make myself feel comfortable. I am realizing why the hardware store in Gubbio, Italy delighted me so much more than the Vatican in Rome. Don't get me wrong. The Vatican was amazing and awe-inspiring, but somehow hard for me to comprehend. Much like the time we FINALLY got to the Grand Canyon and I was overwhelmed. I stood at the edge and felt guilty for thinking, "now what?".

I just couldn't relate.

But when I stood inside the hardware store, the place for me that has answers to all kinds of problems...

I felt at peace.

I saw how people fixed their problems. Somehow that began to comfort me and answer my question. Yes, I could live here.

The tourist thing just isn't for me. Take me to the grocery store. Show me the library. I want to see the park. Where's the Goodwill?

Today we're going to church in Vilas, North Carolina. Yesterday, we met the pastor and her husband and they were more than welcoming to us. I can't wait to see inside the church, see all the faces, and, most importantly, see how they solve their problems.