What have I done?

So I finally quit my "day" job.  I'd been there 9 years! It took the last 3 years to slowly pull my energy out of that place and let it begin to create something else. Where is my creative energy taking me?

The HECK if I know?!

Creative energy is just like that: always a surprise and better than expected

I've always been excited to connect with people on a creative level (even if they don't think they're creative).

Whether it's facilitating a SoulCollage® workshop or art class, helping someone find that perfect color that makes their space sing their song, or helping someone see something from a new perspective.

I'm your gal

and I am going with that for now... FINALLY!

I love helping people design their lives through projects that mean a lot to them.  For me, design is a presence of mind, an attention to detail.  It's not the highest fashion or newest trend.

It could be realizing you love fresh flowers and deciding to make it a thing you do                                                     for your home, your family and you.


It could be coming to understand the stacks of books around you don't want to be just stacks.  They want to comfort you by being on display in wall made of bookshelves.

I am firm believer that actions speak louder than words --art imitates life

There's precious knowledge about who you are and what your soul desires waiting to be discovered in the way you make your home.

What would happen...

If you thoughtfully brought flowers to your family's table?

If you gave full attention to the stacks of books on the floor and gave them a proper home?

If you quit your job of 9 years and made a space for your creativity?

Don't you want to find out?