I’m terrible at foreign-languages (think deer in headlights), but I speak art, color & design like nobody’s business. 

After a day of touring the Chelsea art galleries in New York with a friend, she turned to me and said:

“It’s so great to speak art with someone, it’s like speaking another language.”

People know where I’ve been. I leave a wake of style on everything I touch.  From adding fresh flowers that add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space, to understanding how an orange couch “talks” to a turquoise wall…

It’s all design to me.

I like to say that there’s no good design or bad design.  Its really about how it aligns with what it is you’re trying to say.

SO go ahead like what you like and I’ll help you pull it all together beautifully.  In a way that reflects you.


When I first meet with a client.  They’re usually holding something: paint chips, magazines, manila folder of ideas and notes.  They’ve got a lot of options -too many and they can’t see the design thread that runs thru it…

but I can

With every person I connect with, I get a sense of who they are and what sort of colors, objects & designs speak to them.

And from there, my job is to help them see it and know it for themselves.

So they can design and decorate a room that reflects who they truly are (which is my secret to creating a home you love).

Hi.  I'm Amy, the design intuitive.  I help people feel at home in their house.